We welcome you to our Club Chihuahua lovers. Here together those who sincerely and selflessly loves wonderful dogs this unique breed. We love them for their uniqueness and charm, for their fantastic character and courage, the inimitable charisma and a touching vulnerability, for intelligence and beauty, for a lot of little things, because they just happen to live next to us.

If you're just getting started with this breed, we will be glad to share with you our knowledge and experience. If you're already familiar with the Chihuahua, you will appreciate the results of our breeding work with them. Chihuahua our breeding are characterized by high pedigree, great mentality and a brilliant background. We note with satisfaction that started nearly 20 years ago is not wasted. Chihuahua belonging to us to build a strong foundation pedigree breed in Russia and we are glad that it got a worthy sequel in many nurseries in this country and in countries near and far abroad. Nicknames dogs with tribal consoles our nurseries or belonging to us, you can find today in the pedigrees of Chihuahua across Russia.

In the breeding work we adhere to very strict rules, the basis of which consists in careful selection of breeding pairs with good health and high breed. It has long been our tradition and we are proud of it. We are working according to known methods, which were practical approbation in Europe for decades and which are generally recognized as a proven success leading to improvement of the breed.

We are not without pleasure to inform you that our breeding dogs live in Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and other countries.

We offer you a puppy of our breeding. The site of our club you can see photos of puppies and their parents know their bloodlines. Puppies of our club are sold vaccinated, each puppy has its own registration number (tattoo), a package of documents on the origin (RCF) and the International vetpasport standard pattern. We are always glad to help in breeding and raising Chihuahuas to everyone who purchased puppies in our club.

We welcome you!

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